Registration Prompt Improvements

eric posted on 10:30 pm // Core Revisions, RETS/IDX Features // 3 Comments

We’ve rolled out some pretty nice improvements to the registration prompt, so if you haven’t updated your plugin, UPDATE YOUR PLUGIN! 🙂 First, we made the prompt look way prettier, and it has more copy (to encourage visitors to register.) It now looks like this:   Now that there is copy you may want to […]

Registration/Login Light Window Improvements

Eric Bramlett posted on 5:04 pm // Core Revisions, Displet Releases // 0 Comments

At Displet, we’re always working to improve your conversion rate, and to allow you to customize your system as much as possible. A very necessary step in conversion is asking for your visitors’ contact information in order to register, but it’s also a step where we see a lot of visitor abandonment. It’s well known […]

New Light Window & Facebook Login Rolled Out

Eric Bramlett posted on 11:09 am // Core Revisions, Displet Releases, RETS/IDX Features // 0 Comments

We just rolled out a new light window, which looks like it’s already increased conversion a bit. The new light window accommodates our Facebook login feature, which is super cool. Facebook login allows users to register or login to your site using their FB credentials. Since most people are logged into Facebook whenever they’re online, […]

Phone Number Reminder Feature Released & Stable

Eric Bramlett posted on 6:05 pm // Core Revisions, RETS/IDX Features // 0 Comments

We developed the Phone Number Reminder in anticipation of Facebook login, but it works well for another reason, as well. Phone Number Reminder, well, reminds a user (without a phone number in their profile) that it would be a good idea for them to add the number to their profile, and you can give them […]

Rails 3.0.3 & Ruby 1.9.2 Upgrade Deployed & Stable

Eric Bramlett posted on 9:34 am // Core Revisions, Displet News, System Notifications, Technical // 0 Comments

Get ready for a nerdy post! 🙂 We have now upgraded our code base & framework to Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0.3, respectively. This is a fairly large “behind the scenes” improvement and will result in some pretty nice gains on a couple of fronts. First, we should see a reduction in page load time […]

Increased Thumbnail Resolution & Other Enhancements

Eric Bramlett posted on 8:48 pm // Bug Fixes, Core Revisions, Displet News // 0 Comments

We just rolled out another set of bugfixes & enhancements. We received quite a bit of feedback that our thumbnail image resolution was too low. While this helped the images load quickly, they looked a little fuzzy. We’ve now doubled the size of all thumbnail images on import so you’ll see all new thumbnail images […]

“Gray Bar” Image Issue Resolved

Eric Bramlett posted on 10:20 am // Bug Fixes, Core Revisions // 0 Comments

This one was a real pain to debug, but we finally took care of it. Any new images imported from May 6 forward will not have the nasty “gray bar” on the bottom. We’re doubling the resolution of thumbnail images next so that they will look nicer when pulled in from the xml feed and […]

April 11 Rollout Bug Fixes & Improvements

Eric Bramlett posted on 9:26 am // Core Revisions // 0 Comments

We rolled out another revision late last night that dealt predominantly with bugfixes & included a pretty big improvement to geocoding. Here’s a run down of what’s been addressed: Gated Commuity search field fixed. Added Unit # to results row on map search page. “City” field is now an exact match field. In the past, […]

Registration Request Upgrades

Eric Bramlett posted on 7:39 pm // Core Revisions, RETS/IDX Features // 0 Comments

In the past, the registration request options were “Require Registration to View Property Details: Yes or No.” We felt it was nice to allow our clients to experiment with requiring registration at the point a visitor wants to view a property detail page or not. We received a lot of requests from our clients to […]

SEO Friendly URLs

Eric Bramlett posted on 10:14 am // Core Revisions, Displet News, System Notifications // 0 Comments

We just rolled out an awesome new feature “SEO Friendly URLs.”  Since it’s so important to rank for individual property addresses, and Google takes into account the URL of every page, we thought it would be killer to add the property address to each detail page’s URL.  So…we added the property address to each property […]

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