Chart/Table View for Niche Pages & Search Results

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If you haven’t updated your plugin in awhile, update your plugin! We just released a new view that you can choose to use globally, or case by case on niche pages. The view is an incredibly efficient way to display statistics for seller landing pages, and it turns out it’s pretty nifty for condo communities, […]

Yoast Local SEO Now Available for Displet Webmasters

One of the benefits of hosting on the WordPress CMS is that we’re able to take advantage of many great plugins, both free & premium. Yoast is a very well known WordPress developer because he consistently produces helpful plugins that are well written, and he continues to support these plugins. When Yoast develops a new […]

RETS / IDX WordPress Plugin Uprades: Price Navigation

Oh no we didn’t. Oh yes we did! We rolled out another update to the RETS / IDX plugin, so……. Update your Displet plugin!!! This time around, we focused on the navigation within your niche landing pages, because we know how much visitors hate it when there are too many steps to find what they want! Many […]

New Features for RETS / IDX WordPress Plugin

If you haven’t updated your Displet RETS/IDX plugin lately……UPDATE YOUR PLUGIN b/c we just rolled out some killer new features! First & foremost, we redesigned & styled the gallery & list views. A lot of our clients are deciding to use the list view, and it was a really outdated style, so we made it […]

Verify Authorship on WordPress & Display Your Avatar in the SERPs

eric posted on 4:36 pm // Wordpress Design, Wordpress Plugins // 6 Comments

Earlier this year, Google introduced the authorship tag (rel=author) and we’ve been learning more & more why it is already important to use it, and why it will become even more important in the near future. For the time being, Google is encouraging webmasters to use the tag by displaying an author’s avatar in the […]

Displet Pop Hits 3000 Downloads

Eric Bramlett posted on 5:27 am // Wordpress Plugins // 0 Comments

We wrote Displet Pop a few months ago because we wanted to encourage visitors to our own website to subscribe to our newsletter. If you’re reading this right now, there’s a good chance it’s because of Displet Pop. Displet Pop allows you to launch a light window on a specified page load, after a certain […]

Displet Reader Upgrades

Eric Bramlett posted on 5:26 am // Displet Releases, Wordpress Plugins // 1 Comment

If you haven’t updated your Displet Reader plugin recently, it’s time to carve out 30 seconds and update that plugin! We’ve been so hard at work adding new features, that we’ve not had time to tell everyone about them. You can always stay up to date with what’s going on with Displet Reader here. There, […]

DispletSearch 1.0 Beta Accepted to WordPress Repository

Eric Bramlett posted on 9:38 am // Displet News, Displet Releases, Wordpress Plugins // 0 Comments

In our continuing effort to support the WordPress community, the open source community, and our clients, DispletSearch 1.0 Beta was recently submitted to and accepted by the WordPress Repository. DispletSearch is a fantastic plugin that allows Displet subscribers to easily create quick searches in the sidebar, or more advanced searches in a page. Though still […]

DispletReader 1.1 Released

Eric Bramlett posted on 1:23 pm // Displet Releases, Wordpress Plugins // 0 Comments

DispletReader 1.1 is now available and was accepted to the WordPress repository. If you don’t have DispletReader (and are a Displet Pro client) you can get it in your WordPress backend, or download it here. DispletReader 1.1 fixed some minor CSS conflicts with specific themes and added address functionality to the “location” tab. So, if […]

Displet Offering “Featured Listings” Upgrades at Cost

Eric Bramlett posted on 12:30 pm // Wordpress Design, Wordpress Plugins // 0 Comments

When we began creating custom & semi-custom websites in 2010, we would take the original DispletReader plugin & modify the horizontal scroller sidebar widget heavily to match the site we designed. This resulted in featured listings management that was in the widget section of the CMS and that looked like this: Over time, we ended […]

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