Phone Number Reminder Feature Released & Stable

Eric Bramlett posted on 6:05 pm // Core Revisions, RETS/IDX Features // 0 Comments

We developed the Phone Number Reminder in anticipation of Facebook login, but it works well for another reason, as well. Phone Number Reminder, well, reminds a user (without a phone number in their profile) that it would be a good idea for them to add the number to their profile, and you can give them any reason you would like, because the message is customizable. We’ve noticed that if you require phone number at registration, many people supply bogus numbers. By “reminding” them for the number every so often, it allows you to show them how valuable your site is (by sending property suggestions, allowing them to save searches, & use your other advanced features) they are more likely to provide a legitimate contact number. Anyways, here’s a quick rundown on the feature:

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